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1. Polar-coordinate equations for lines A polar coordinate system in the plane is determined by a point P, called the pole, and a half-line known as the polar axis, shown extending from P to the right in Figure 1 below. In polar coordinates, lines occur in two species. A line through the pole, making angle 0 with the polar axis, has an equation To turn 3 + 4i into re ix form we do a Cartesian to Polar conversion: r = √(3 2 + 4 2) = √(9+16) = √25 = 5; x = tan-1 ( 4 / 3 ) = 0.927 (to 3 decimals) So 3 + 4i can also be 5e 0.927 i

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Apply molecular orbital theory to determine the bond order of ne2ne2.