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Shore: Hunting the Sentinax 3,332 words Shore: Striking the Demons 3,636 words Shore: The Gates of Hell 3,876 words Shore: Wailing Halls 3,278 words Shore: Fallen Avatar 4,028 words Shore: The Deceiver 3,754 words Interlude: Preparations 3,642 words Argus: Invasion 3,416 words Sentinax Beacon of Fel Growth: Commands the Sentinax to fire a Fel Seed at your current location, causing starlight roses to rapidly grow. Nethershard Nethershard, which first made an appearance in the pre-patch event, have returned in 7.2. The. Die neue Quest Mal der Sentinax ist nichts für Solospieler in WoW. Ohne Gruppe farmt Ihr Euch dumm ...

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