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On the right side of the parking brake pedal arm is the adjuster for the cable slack. There's a black plastic cap covering it that slides off first. Use a pliers or even your fingers if you've got a good grip to pull the cable down as hard as you can and screw the nut up until you can't any more. 1970-76 PARKING BRAKE LINKAGE Key Part Name Group Na. — GUIDE, Parking Brake Rear Cable 4.785 2 — CABLE ASM., Parking Brake—Rear 4.779 3 — PAD, Parking Brake Pedal 4.630 4 — RETAINER, Park Brake Release Cable to Inst. Panel 4.785 S — HANDLE, Parking Brake Release — mci. Cable 4.779 6— NUT, Front Cable to Equalizer (5/16—18) 8.915

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